Churches & Cemeteries

Delaware Township churches  –  Still in operation unless otherwise stated.  [see geo-map for locations]


Amwell Church of the Brethren – Established in 1733.  Current structure built in the 1950s.


Locktown Stone Church – Established in the mid 1700s.  Current structure built in 1819.  Owned by

Delaware Township and open for special events.


Sandy Ridge Baptist Church – Established in 1819.


Locktown Presbyterian Church – Established in 1828 as the Locktown Christian Church.


Sergeantsville Methodist Church – Established c. 1830.  Enlarged and rebuilt in 1869.


Sand Brook German Baptist Church – Established in 1849.  Building errected in 1851.  Still used on

occasion for local events.


Sergeantsville First Brethren Church –  Established in 1898.  The congregation was dissolved in the

late 20th century.


Christian Science Society of Raven Rock – Established in 1926.  Building errected in 1928.  The

congregation was dissolved in the mid 20th century.






Delaware Township cemeteries – Public & semi-public cemeteries and dates of origin  [see

geo-map for locations]


Also see:  under topic of ‘cemeteries’



Holcombe-Riverview Cemetery – late 1800s

Locktown Christian/Presbyterian Church – 1828

Lower Amwell Old Yard & New Yard – from the mid 1700s

Rosemont Cemetery – 1729

Sandy Ridge Church – 1819

Sergeanstville Methodist Church – 1830



Barber’s Cemetery

Locktown Baptist Church – 18th century

Sand Brook Church – 1850