Building Surveys

Structure reports and photographic documentation for the following early Delaware Township buildings               are available for viewing at the township office on Route 604 in Sergeantsville or through the Hunterdon County Cultural & Heritage Commission at the county complex on Route 12 west of Flemington.  These documentations have been funded by a grant from HCC&HC and matching township funds.


DTHS Historic Structure Surveys


B02-05 Stockton   Prall House

B02-06 Stockton   Prall-Kessler house

B02-08 Stockton   M. Woolverton barn

B19-29   Nixon-Sherman-Opdyke house

B21-02   Gordon farmhouse

B21-02   [Fisher] barn

B25-16   Lambert barn

B25-18.01   Lambert Rd. barn

B28-2.02   [Columbo] barn

B28-2.02   [Columbo] smokehouse/outkitchen

B30-01   Barcroff Ruin

B30-06   Waterhouse-Cane house

B30-31   Stompf Tavern

B31-6.07   Rittenhouse Tavern

B32-31   Swallow-Reading house

B32-31   [Newbaker] barn

B34-04   [Frischmann] house

B34-09   Maresca main barn

B34-09   Maresca outbuildings

B34-09   Maresca wheelwright & springhouse

B34-22   Miller’s House

B41-13   [Quick] house

B41-14   Headquarters House

B41-14   Headquarters outbuildings

B41-14   Headquarters tenant house

B43-13.01   Lawshe-Higgins house

B43-13.01   Lawshe-Higgins outbuildings

B46-7   Johnson-Feeney house

B46-9   Saxton-Heath-Huffman complex

B46-14   Saxtonville Tavern

B49-1   George Johnson barn

B49-1   G. Johnson combo outbuilding

B51-09.05   Everitt-Woolverton house

B51-09.05   J&M Woolverton barn

B51-11.01   John Reading house

B51-11.01   A. Reading barn

B51-11.01   Reading springhouse/quarters

B51-17   Asher Johnson barn

B56-19   [Locandro] house

B56-19   [Locandro] barn

B57-13   John Brown house

B57-13   John Brown barns/outbuildings

B59-10   Holcombe house

B59-11   Richard Holcombe house

B63-3.01   Holcombe-Jimison house