About DTHS

The Delaware Township Historical Society was formed in 2004 by a small group of local historians and caring residents and was incorporated on February 14, 2005.


Its purpose is to:

  • discover and memorialize the history and architecture of Delaware Township, Hunterdon County,                New Jersey and related sites
  • to discover, purchase, commission or otherwise procure, publish and in any other way preserve writings, newspapers, blueprints, maps, journals and the like which shed light on the history and architecture
  • to research, discover, procure, purchase, restore and assure the preservation of buildings, land, homes,           or other articles which may relate to the history and architecture
  • to establish and maintain historic homes, buildings or exhibits and land leased to or owned by the corporation
  • to hold meetings, seminars and workshops and other educational activities for the instruction and information of members and the public
  • to accept donations of money, real property or other property for the above purposes