About Delaware Township

Delaware Township is located in the southwestern part of Hunterdon County.  [see geo-map]  It was formed on Februrary 23, 1838 and was incorporated as a township by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on April 2, 1838.  Along with East Amwell, West Amwell, and Raritan Townships, it formed what was formerly known as ‘Old Amwell Township’ which was established in 1708 as the first township in what would become Hunterdon County in 1714.  One-hundred thirty years later, Amwell was divided into the four townships we recognise today.


It is bordered on the southwest by the Delaware River; on the southeast roughly by the Alexsauken & Raritan Creeks; on the northeast by current Route 579 (the old Trenton-Easton Turnpike and former Indian trail);        and on the northwest by Kingwood & Franklin Townships.  It is home to several historic villages and hamlets: Sergeantsville being the largest, most central, and the seat of government, Headquarters and Sand Brook in      the eastern part, Sandy Ridge and Locktown in the center, and Rosemont, Raven Rock, and Brookville in the western part. The borough of Stockton (including Prallsville) was divided from Delaware Township in 1898,      but is still surrounded by the township.


Delaware Township remains mostly rural with its villages and hamlets dotting the countryside. Farming is           still a major occupation.  It is home to the only remaining covered bridge in New Jersey, located just west             of Sergeantsville on the Wickecheoke Creek.  And the area is of great pride to the people who reside here.